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Please click through the department titles below to catch a glimpse at some of our available products.

Ginger Valley carries the complete line of Natural Guard organic fertilizers, insecticides, and soil amendments. These natural products assist gardeners to work in cooperation with nature in our environmentally conscious world.

ferti-lome lawn fertilizers have the “good stuff” – like trace minerals and slow release nitrogen. We can set up a custom fertilization program for your lawn. Also check out the special formulas for trees and shrubs, roses, and evergreens.

ferti-lome’s water soluble plant foods promote larger blooms and stronger root development for your annuals, perennials, and hanging baskets.

Dandelions taking over? Beetles and aphids in the garden? Ants around the house? We’ve got what you need to take care of all of your weed, insect, and/or fungus problems around the yard and the home. We can help identify the problem and find a solution!

Our ExecuTurf grass seed is a superior blend to help you obtain a lush healthy lawn. We have several custom blends for the sunny or shady spots. Get a headstart to your garden with our vegetable/flower seeds and all the supplies you need.

We have all the tools for the “do-it-yourself” homeowner—even small sizes for the kids to “help”! Quality tools at reasonable prices make your planting and maintenance jobs easier.

Our bulk yard has 5 different hardwood mulches, topsoil, sand, and stone (from pea gravel to boulders) ready to be loaded on to your truck, or sign up for delivery. We offer a huge variety of bagged stone and mulch as well. Stop in by our Customer Service desk to see samples of ALL that’s available!

Mulch: Natural – $34/yard; Dyed (red, black, dark brown, cherry brown) $44/yard…..

Screened Topsoil: $40/yard…..

River Rock: 1 – 1/2″ – $75/yard; 2-4″ – $80/yard…..

We have a 3 yard minimum for delivery and a delivery fee based on your zip code (46530/46635 $60); truck can hold up to 8 yards of mulch, 6 yards of soil, and 5 yards of stone; call us to schedule your delivery 574-271-0202.

These are the plants that make your landscape pop! Our annuals are grown by us or by local greenhouses and include many Proven Winners varieties. We grow most of our own perennials and have the largest selection in the area, giving you color from spring through late fall.

Homegrown vegetables and herbs are always healthier and tastier! They not only enhance your area with color, but intermixing flowers and herbs can protect your vegetables from insect pests. Don’t have room for a garden? Even the smallest patio or deck can boast bountiful crops – ask us about container gardening!

Ginger Valley is known for our vibrant, colorful baskets – giving color to the higher, hard-to-decorate areas. Baskets are available for sunny or shady areas and include Proven Winners.

Container custom planting is the perfect solution for your landscape, patio or deck. You choose the plants and our experienced planting staff will produce the finished product. We have many different containers to choose from, or you can bring in yours from home!

Ginger Drops are a new addition and a convenient way to change out the plants in your containers without having to deal with any mess! Planted in a grower container, a Ginger Drop can just be “dropped” in your pot at home. New Ginger Drops will be available with every changing season!

Fruit trees not only provide nutritious homegrown fruit, but also add beautiful colorful blooms to your springtime landscape.

The first sign of spring can be found in the vast array of color on our flowering trees and shrubs, many of which are grown right at Ginger Valley! Our native Dogwood, Weeping Cherry, Crabapple and Magnolia are only a few of the choices. Look also to the Rhododendron, Lilac, and Azalea for some springtime color.

From low-growing Junipers to 8-foot Arborvitae –including sculptured varieties- our supply is endless. Evergreens provide year-round color, are easy to maintain and give your landscape a neatly manicured appearance.

We have an abundance of roses to choose from, whether you’re looking for a hybrid tea, shrub rose or rose tree! Our inventory includes the every popular and maintenance free Knock-Outs, OSO Easy, and David Austin varieties!

Nothing solves a problem landscape area like having the correct groundcover. Pachysandra, ivy and sedum can give you the color and coverage you need in any landscape bed.

Foliage plants soften all areas of your home or office and make those spaces healthier by adding oxygen and removing pollutants from the air. Our tropical greenhouse is always stocked with hundreds of plants—from “ittie bitties” to the 10 foot Ficus!

Blooming plants add cheer and color to any room all year long! Check out our Anthurium and Bromeliads. We have beautiful orchids to choose from as well. Our tropical greenhouse is calling your name!

Looking for a bird feeder that is durable and easy to fill and clean? With well over 50 different feeder styles to choose from, you will find just what you are looking for, whether you’re a beginner or a more seasoned backyard birder. Ginger Valley carries Droll Yankees and Aspects brand feeders. Both come with a Lifetime Warranty, so you can keep attracting birds to your yard for years to come!

You tell us what birds you hope to attract, and we’ll recommend the perfect blend of bird seed for you! Choose from several different blends, or go with the single grains to customize your very own mix!

Feeders aren’t the only thing you’ll need to keep those feathered friends coming back! We’ve got poles, hooks, and houses, too! Bird baths and, for winter, bird bath heaters, will increase your enjoyment of the birds all season!

Clear, clean water and healthy fish is the goal of every pond. We can match the right size pump and filter system to your pond and recommend the proper water treatments to get your pond looking great!

Ponds create an added dimension to your garden and yard. Aquatic plants help maintain a healthy and balanced pond, while providing beauty at the same time. Choose from water lilies, iris, hyacinth, and many more.

Visit Ginger Valley to pick the perfect fish for your pond. Choose from the small goldfish or the larger Koi. Don’t forget the food!

Browse what we have in stock or custom order anything from devotional figures, armed services, children at play, gnomes, and much much more! Statues are a charming way to accent your indoor AND outdoor spaces.

Adding a fountain to your landscape provides not only visual appeal, but the relaxing sound of running water is perfect in any setting.

Let the breeze make a relaxing sound just outside your window or by the pool with a set of wind chimes, available in many sizes, colors, designs, and tones. We are proud to carry Corinthian Bells and Woodstock chimes.

Bird baths are available in many styles, making a them a striking addition to your landscape, while also inviting your feathered friends to play!

The options are endless when choosing containers for your patio, deck, porch or landscape beds. Come peruse our large selection of the latest colors and styles of ceramic pottery by Michael Carr Designs, including his recent collaboration with Jack Barnwell and Proven Winners for the creation of AquaPots!